Friday, March 25, 2011

The Galloping Horses of Willowbrook

Coming later this spring, The Galloping Horses of Willowbrook, is children's picture book, a creative, non-fiction whimsical. It tells the heartwarming and true story of young Ivory Fenderson who never got his first ride on his father's 1896 Armitage Herschell carousel during the years it traveled from fair to fair. Ivory was ten years old when his father, after 26 years of operation, retired the carousel and stored it in the family barn in Saco. Fifty-five years later, Ivory rediscovers the long-forgotten carousel and donates it to Willowbrook with the promise of a full restoration. The restoration took 14 years. In 1991, Ivory finally had his first ride. My sister Judy Thyng is co-author, and we are thrilled with our illustrator, Kerry LaPointe, who is finishing the last few pages.